Roller Conveyor Common Failure Problems, Causes and Solutions

How to quickly know the roller conveyor common failure problems, causes and solutions

A roller conveyor, with relatively more contact in working life, is a widely used automated assembly conveyor. Usually used for various cartons, pallets, and other goods transportation, small items and irregular, scattered can also be placed on a pallet, turnover box for handling.
So, when the roller conveyor meets the following common failures, will you deal with it? GCS roller manufacturer next for you: roller conveyor common failure problems, causes, and solutions.

Roller conveyor common failure problems:
1, roller conveyor reducer overheating;
2, when the conveyor roller conveyor appears to be full load, the hydraulic coupling can not transfer the rated torque;
3, the broken shaft of the roller conveyor reducer;
4, the abnormal sound of the roller conveyor reducer;
5, motor failure problems;
The roller conveyor motor is the heart of the whole roller conveyor machinery, all common failures most of motor problems, and a little carelessness will cause the roller conveyor to be difficult to run in a normal operation state.
Common causes of roller conveyor failure:
Roller conveyor reducer overheating;
①, due to a long time of operation caused by the roller conveyor reducer overheating;
②, because the reducer in the amount of oil is too much or too little;
③, the reducer oil use time is too long;

When the conveyor roller conveyor appears to be fully loaded, the hydrodynamic coupling cannot transmit the rated torque;

①, caused by insufficient fluid coupler oil volume
Broken shaft of roller conveyor reducer;
①, the broken shaft is due to insufficient strength in the design of the high-speed shaft of the reducer;
Abnormal sound of roller conveyor reducer;
①, because the abnormal sound of the reducer is caused by excessive wear of the shaft and gears;
②, caused by excessive clearance or loose shell screws;
Motor failure problems;
①, caused by line failure;
②, caused by the drop of voltage;
③, contactor failure;
④, caused by too many continuous operations of the roller conveyor in a short period;
⑤, it may be caused by overloading, over length or the conveyor belt is blocked by jamming, which increases the running resistance, overloading of motor, or poor lubrication condition of transmission system, which leads to the increase of power of motor;
(6) It may be caused by the accumulation of dust in the air outlet of the motor fan or radial heat dissipation tear, which makes the heat dissipation conditions deteriorate;


Solutions to common roller conveyor faults


Roller conveyor reducer overheating;
①, the reducer to reduce oil or oil reduction is also to reach the standard ratio;
②, the use of oil in the reducer is no longer caused by the maintenance operator only needs to clean the internal, timely replacement oil repair or replacement bearings, and improve lubrication conditions;
③, the deterioration of lubrication conditions causes the bearing damage will also cause overheating of the reducer, in the lubrication of accessories only the right amount can be
When the conveyor roller conveyor appears full load, the hydraulic coupling can not transfer the rated torque;
①, only need to refuel the fluid coupling;
②, in the refueling need to pay attention to be double electric drive, you must use an ammeter to measure the two motors;
③, by investigating the amount of oil filling makes the power tend to be the same;
Roller conveyor reducer shaft breakage;
①, this situation should replace the reducer or modify the design of the reducer. The motor shaft and reducer high-speed shaft are not centered, the reducer input shaft will increase the radial load, and increase the bending moment on the shaft, and long-term operation will cause a broken shaft phenomenon.
②, in the installation and maintenance, should be carefully adjusted period position, to ensure that the two shafts are concentric. In most cases the motor shaft will not cause shaft breakage, this is because the material of the motor shaft is generally 45 steel, the motor shaft is thicker, the stress concentration situation is better, so the motor shaft usually does not break.
The roller conveyor reducer sounds abnormal;
①, replace the bearings and adjust the clearance;
②, replace the reducer, overhaul.
③, replace the sealing ring, tighten the box combination surface and each bearing cover bolt.
Motor failure problems;
①, carry out the line check of the roller conveyor for the first time;
②, check the voltage to ensure normal;
③, need to check the overloaded electrical appliances for timely replacement;
④, only need to reduce the number of operations can let the roller machine back to normal starting use. Roller conveyor after a period of operation, motor heating is also a relatively common failure.
⑤. Quickly check and test the power of the motor, find out the reason for overload operation, and deal with the symptoms;
⑥, carry out regular dust removal work;



The above content is an introduction to the roller conveyor's common failure problems, causes, and solutions. Conveyor failure to deal with promptly is one factor. On the other hand, the other factor, is the need for regular maintenance of equipment and maintenance, to make the use of roller conveyor life longer, for enterprises to bring higher and better economic benefits.

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