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Conveyor Belt Rollers

Belt Drive Rollers in Powered Roller Conveyors

The belt power roller, which is driven using the conveyor belt, is used in the plan of the roller and the selection of the conveyor belt. We listen to the operating environment of the user's site in advance (such as humidity/conveyor characteristics/load), and these will be the basis for our designers to select the type.

At GCS, we carry conveyor belt rollers in all different types and sizes so you can ensure you’re able to find the right product for your application.

Products we supply come from the most reputable, high-quality brands and are offered to you at fair, affordable prices.

If you need assistance or more information to determine which types of belt conveyor rollers are best for your conveyor application, don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of our qualified representatives for help.

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Drive roller O-ring conveyor roller with groove

We Have the Following Conveyor Belt Rollers Available:

Our belt conveyor rollers are constructed and designed to minimise maintenance and support the impact of uneven loads with high speed conveying. These innovative designs also have sealed lubricated bearing housings to help prevent leakage and to provide maximum protection.GCS belt rollers are greased and sealed in the manufacturing stage to ensure the correct quantity and grade.


Production type custom OEM,ODM production conveyor (system), chain conveyor
Roller Materail Q235,Q345B, 38CrNiMo, 40Cr, Stainless steel 304L/316L and aluminum etc. baggage handling system heavy  steel rolls; quality rolls
Types Conveyor roller, gravity roller,drive roller, chain roller, tapered roller, free roller, all of Logistics equipment roller for mine conveyor
Shapes flat roll, cambered or crowned roller pulley, anilox roll
Standards customized, CEMA, TD-2,  ISO small rollers steel rolls manufacturing
Surface Coating paint, powder coating, zinc plating, rubber coated   solid steel rolls cylinder for machine
Supply Capacity >10,000pcs monthly complex roller logistics equipment, conveyor (system), chain conveyor
Assembly Service Available conveyor idler trough roller precision grooved roller /grooving roller
Application Fields logistics equipment, belt conveyor systems, automotive, parcel & baggage handling system, ecommerce , warehouse & distribution conveyor solution, converting machine, mine conveyor, food industry, wood processing, etc.
Package plywood box (Fumigation-free) Well-designed packaging is also very important for the qualified conveyor rollers, otherwise the conveyor pulley may be damaged in the loading/unloading process and transportation. roller 
Also Named as  conveyor idler, idler conveyor roller, conveyor belt roller, carrying idler, rubber idler roller, conveyor idler roller, idler pulley, rubber conveyor pulley, drum pulley, belt drive pulley, drum roller, crowned pulley, transport roller, carrier roller, conveying roller, conveyor tail pulley, belt conveyor head pulley, rubber lagging drum pulley, impact roller, etc. 
Other Products industrial steel roller, rubber coated roller, aluminum cylinder, machined components, welding, sheet metal fabrication

Conveyor Rollers Replacement That’s Customized to Your Requirements

In addition to a large number of standard sized rollers, we are also able to craft individual roller solutions for niche applications. If you have a challenging system that needs rollers that are made to your particular dimensions or that need to be able to cope with a particularly tough environment, we can normally come up with a suitable answer. Our company will always work with customers to find an option that not only delivers the required objectives, but which is also cost-effective and able to be implemented with minimal disruption. We provide rollers to a wide range of industries, including companies involved in ship building, chemical processing, food & beverage production, transport of hazardous or corrosive substances and many more.

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Some Design Options Include:

Because custom rollers are not returnable, we require that you call and talk to one of our application specialists to make sure you get the proper solution to your unique application.


Hog Ring holes in the axle.


Threaded ends on the axle.


Drilled and tapped axle ends.


Multiple Grooves, custom groove locations.


Sprocket, custom sprocket locations.


Crowned rollers.And more!

Frequently Asked Questions About Chain Driven Rollers

Conveyor Belt

Conveyor belt (conveyor belt), also known as conveyor belt, is the transmission medium in the transmission belt system.

A conveyor belt system is a type of drive system that consists of two or more pulleys with conveyor belts on them, which can be rotated indefinitely to move the belt. One or more of the pulleys will have a power drive to allow the belt to travel and carry the material driven on the belt.

Advantages of Roller Conveyor Belt Drive

1. Belt drives are simple and economical.

2. They do not require parallel shafts.

3. Belt drives are provided with overload and blockage protection.

4.  Noise and vibration are suppressed. Mechanical life is extended as load fluctuations are absorbed.

5.  No lubrication. They require less maintenance costs.

6.  Belt drives are used with high efficiency (up to 98%, usually 95%).

7. They are very economical when the distance between shafts is large.

Disadvantages of Belt Drives

1. In belt drives, the angular velocity ratio is not always constant or equal to the ratio of pulley diameters due to sliding and stretching.

2. Heat build up occurs. Speed is usually limited to 35 metres per second. Transmission power is limited to 370 kW.

3. Operating temperatures are usually limited to -35 to 85°C.

4. To compensate for wear and stretching of the belt drive, it is necessary to adjust the centre distance or use an idler pulley.

What Is An “O” Belt Conveyor Roller?

The "O" belt drive, compared with the chain drive has the characteristics of high running noise, slow conveying speed, etc., widely used in light and medium load box conveyors.  Click here to learn more. What Is An "O" Belt Conveyor Roller?

What Is A Poly-Vee Drive Roller?

Poly-vee roller Belt is one kind of poly-vee belt, which is mainly used in roller conveyors, which a logistics conveyors. It has the characteristics of high speed, quietness, and environmental protection, and is widely used in express delivery, medicine, e-commerce, and other logistics conveying systems.

The Poly-Vee drive roller is a roller that uses the Poly V drive system. The drive components of this roller are located away from the conveying area, which is important to prevent soiling and keep the environment clean. These belts conform to ISO 9981 and DIN 7867 and have a pitch of 2.24 mm. Unlike standard round belts, the Poly V belts used in this roller have up to 4 ribs, which more than doubles the torque transmission capacity.Click here to find out more: What Is A Poly-Vee Drive Roller?

What Is Belt Driven Roller Conveyor?

Belt driven roller conveyor systems are a series of rollers, supported by a structure, which are driven by a belt.

The rollers of a belt-driven conveyor are an integral part of the conveyor system. These systems consist of a series of rollers that are structurally supported and driven by belts.

There are two main types of belt drive systems: those that use flat-section belts and those that use belt loops. In a flat-section belt system, a single belt is tensioned between the drive pulley and the reversing pulley, running under the drum. The belt transfers motion to the rollers, causing them to move the items or pallets they are conveying. Alternatively, in a belt loop system, each roller is individually connected by a belt to a unique drive shaft located beneath the roller. This design allows for more precise control of each roller's movement. Belt driven roller conveyor systems are ideal for unit handling and can accommodate a variety of unit items or pallets.

Although these conveyors are usually flat, slight inclines are allowed as long as the required adhesion limits between the rollers and the load are maintained. These systems are capable of handling a variety of heavy and light materials, regular or irregular shapes. They also have the advantage of having a sliding action between the belt and the drum in the event of overload, which is advantageous for transporting fragile goods or transporting pressure build-ups between load units. However, it is important to note that this sliding action may not be suitable for all applications.

One of the distinguishing features of belt-driven roller conveyor systems is their quiet operation even at high speeds. This makes them ideal for applications where noise reduction is a priority.

Overall, belt-driven roller conveyor systems provide an efficient and versatile solution for transporting various types of loads. Their design coupled with their quiet operation and ability to handle different materials make them a popular choice in many industries.

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Finding the perfect roller for your operation is crucial, and you want to do so with little disruption to your workflow. If you need a special-size roller for your conveyor system or have questions about the rollers’ differences, we can assist you. Our customer service team can help you get the right part for your existing conveyor system.

Whether installing a new system or needing a single replacement part, finding suitable rollers can improve your workflow and increase your system’s life. We will help you get the right part with fast communication and personalized care. To learn more about our rollers and custom solutions, contact us online to speak with a specialist or request a quote for your roller needs.

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