What is a Poly-Vee Drive Roller?

Poly-vee roller Belt is one kind of poly-vee belt, which is mainly used in roller conveyors, which a logistics conveyors. It has the characteristics of high speed, quietness, and environmental protection, and is widely used in express delivery, medicine, e-commerce, and other logistics conveying systems.

The Poly-Vee drive roller is a roller that uses the Poly V drive system. The drive components of this roller are located away from the conveying area, which is important to prevent soiling and keep the environment clean. These belts conform to ISO 9981 and DIN 7867 and have a pitch of 2.24 mm. Unlike standard round belts, the Poly V belts used in this roller have up to 4 ribs, which more than doubles the torque transmission capacity.


One of the advantages of using Poly V belts is their flexibility, which allows for greater tolerances in hole spacing. This means that the belt can be applied to a wider range of hole pitches, providing greater flexibility in the design and installation of roller systems. In addition, the use of Poly V belts and the design of the rollers ensures that the tube is not deformed by the grooves in the belt.
A pinion with 9 grooves on the smaller diameter protruding section, V-pitch 2,3, 4 mm shape PJ, ISO 9981 DIN 7867, is inserted into the intermediate coupling and is interchangeable with other heads.
The drive can be easily moved, thus limiting space consumption, maximizing safety, and preventing damage to the polygonal belt.


Poly-Vee drive rollers are a reliable and efficient solution for conveyor roller systems.

Ideal for building curves for light and medium loads, these rollers are obtained by assembling polypropylene taper sleeves on 50-diameter base rollers.

The sprockets are made of black polyamide and have the same general characteristics as the taper of the driven sprocket, but are used differently

poly vee drive roller

General conveyor system applications

Poly-Vee Drive Roller

Motorised conveyor system applications where more is required

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