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Feature Adopt standard precision bearing, steel bearing seat, all steel structure, high strength; The end part is made of steel end cover, which has large bearing capacity and high impact resistance. Stable operation, wide temperature adaptation, no static electricity; Suitable for heavy and medium load transportation. General Data The maximum load is 400KG and the maximum speed is 2m/s Temperature range -20° C ~80° C Materials Bearing housings: Plastic carbon steel compon...
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Gravity Roller, Non-driven Roller, Nylon Roller

Non-powered roller Gravity Nylon Roller Non-power roller conveyor equipment is a gravity roller conveyor, mainly used for conveying all kinds of boxes, bags, trays, packaged goods, some bulk materials and small items need to be placed in the tray or crate transfer conveyor, in addition, the non-power roller equipment can also be transported perforated circumferential loads or a single piece of material with a large weight, you can use the accumulating roller to achieve the acc...
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Product Parameter Roller Model 1120 Roller OD 50 Roller shaft diameter 11 Roller Length 400 Roller Finishing BO Installation method 0 Roll form code A0 steel ray zinc (general) BO Stainless Steel 201 C0 Aluminium D0 PVC E0 PU A1 steel double-sided galvanised BO Stainless Steel 304 Special notes Sprocket parameters. Timing belt parameters, internal and external thread parameters, cylinder wall parameters, cylinder diameter parameters, overm...
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Manpower Conveyor Roller Tap GCS Manufacturer

PP non drive gravity roller light duty roller Gravity Roller (Light Duty Roller) is widely used in all kinds of industry, like manufacturing line, assembly line, packaging line, conveyor machine and logistic strore. PP: Press Bearing (spring loaded) Model Tube Diameter D (mm) Tube Thickness T (mm) Roller Length RL (mm) Shaft Diameter d (mm) Tube Material Surface PP25 φ 25 T=1.0 100-1000 φ 8 Carbon Steel Staineless Steel Aluminium Zincorplated Chromeorpl...
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Features & Data Features Data Features The roller is of all-metal construction with semi-precision bearing assemblies embedded at both ends; Roller mounting clearance is slightly larger than that of the precision bearing assembly roller; Low running resistance, wide temperature range, no static electricity; Slightly greater noise than precision bearing rollers. Data General data Maximum load 140kg Maximum speed 0.6 m/s Temperature range -20°C~80°C Material Be...
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Shaft Parameters Shaft dia Female thread Flat falcon value (b) Flat falcon value (h) Φ8 M5*10 / / Φ12 M8*15 10 11 Φ15 M10*20 10 11 Φ17 M12*25 15 11 Φ20 M12*25 16 15 Feature Standard precision bearings, special internal and external nesting structure, small clearance, smooth running; end plastic sleeves and end caps, with a certain effect of dust and water splash; small running runout, low noise, can be customized anti-static metal structure. General Data...