GCS Roller Coding Rules

Short Description:

Example: Series 1120 / barrel diameter 50 / shaft diameter 11hex / barrel face length 400 / stainless steel 201 / spring press-in selection code : 1120.50.11.400.

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Product Parameter

Roller Model 1120
Roller OD 50
Roller shaft diameter 11
Roller Length 400
Roller Finishing BO
Installation method 0 Roll form code
A0 steel ray zinc (general) BO Stainless Steel 201 C0 Aluminium D0 PVC E0 PU
A1 steel double-sided galvanised BO Stainless Steel 304
Special notes Sprocket parameters. Timing belt parameters, internal and external thread parameters, cylinder wall parameters, cylinder diameter parameters, overmoulding parameters, runout parameters. Load parameters, noise.

Product Application

Manpower Conveyor Roller Tap GCS Manufacturer-01 (6)
Manpower Conveyor Roller Tap GCS Manufacturer-01 (5)

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