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Chain Driven Conveyor Rollers

Rollers for Chain Driven Conveyors

With the popularity of automation, we require more and more automated transportation from one side to the other side, sprocket roller conveyors are the most popular type, especially in transporting some heavy workpieces. A sprocket roller conveyor is safer and more reliable when the workpiece is heavy. The chain-driven roller conveyor design is also the most common type used by users.

No matter which industry are you in, we can provide you with a proper solution when we design the roller conveying line, the workpiece will move more steadily if the roller center distance is small.

Normally we request the workpiece need to touch 3 rollers at any time. If the loading is heavier, need to use a bigger roller and mire thick roller pipe. Also, need to consider whether the roller is higher than the main beam or not when we use a driven sprocket roller.

The chain drive conveyor roller can be assembled in many forms in the conveyor system.

We are professional in providing you with the most suitable chain-driven conveyor rollers for you, and a competitive price for your reference, please tell us your needs immediately

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Seasoned Company Offering Conveyor Rollers with Sprockets

We offer a number of differently sized chain driven roller options, as well as having the capacity to create custom sprocket rollers. With 30 years of production behind us, we are proud of our reputation for reliable, high-quality products and excellent customer care at every stage of your dealings with us.

PVC Sprocket Rollers

Regardless of the industry, every company invests in ways to increase production volume and effectiveness. One of the main ways they do this is by atomizing certain processes, mainly using conveyor belts.

These help move bulk items from one location to another, saving time and making the process more effective than when people do it. While there are many materials people use to make conveyor belts, PVC Sprocket rollers are among the most popular ones.

This is because of their affordability, durability, reliability, and versatility to be used in various industries. Whether you want to move items within different floors or parts of the warehouse or outdoors, these rollers are up for transporting items of different sizes and shapes.

You can use them as part of gravity-fed or powered systems or variable and constant speed installations.

Steel Sprocket Rollers

The steel sprocket roller is a cost-effective material for all applications, can be selected in different (small to large) pipe types, and can also be selected from the load requirements of the correct configuration (nylon bearing/steel bearing and process (push-in/welded steel coupling)

Equipped with steel simple sprockets or double simple sprockets for chain-driven conveyor systems. The drive element is welded to the tube and fitted with precision bearings. The standard sprockets we stock are 15T x 5/8" pitch double simple sprockets.

SS304/SS316 Sprocket Rollers

The appearance and specification will be the same as the steel chain roller, it is different in the material, applied to the higher requirements of the conveyor system, has a high anti-corrosion effect. Of course, the cost is high and you need more. Usually used in pharmaceutical, precision, chemical and other industries


Tube Shaft Size Bearing
30mm diameter x 1.5mm 6mm ,8mm, 10mm diameter Semi-precision steel swaged
1 1/2" diameter x 16 swg 8mm, 10mm, 7/16"*, 12mm diameter & 11 hex Semi precision steel swaged
1 1/2" diameter x 16 swg 12mm, 14mm diameter & 11 hex Precision plastic push-in complete with 60022RS and blue plastic insert
1 1/2" diameter x 16 swg 8mm, 10mm, 7/16", 12mm diameter & 11 hex Precision steel swaged
50mm diameter x 1.5mm 8mm, 10mm, 7/16", 12mm diameter, & 11 hex Semi precision steel swaged
50mm diameter x 1.5mm 8mm, 10mm, 7/16", 12mm diameter, & 11 hex Precision steel swaged
50mm diameter x 1.5mm 12mm, 14mm diameter & 11 hex Precision plastic swaged complete with 60022RS & blue plastic insert

Conveyor Rollers Replacement That’s Customized to Your Requirements

In addition to a large number of standard sized rollers, we are also able to craft individual roller solutions for niche applications. If you have a challenging system that needs rollers that are made to your particular dimensions or that need to be able to cope with a particularly tough environment, we can normally come up with a suitable answer. Our company will always work with customers to find an option that not only delivers the required objectives, but which is also cost-effective and able to be implemented with minimal disruption. We provide rollers to a wide range of industries, including companies involved in ship building, chemical processing, food & beverage production, transport of hazardous or corrosive substances and many more.

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Some Design Options Include:

Because custom rollers are not returnable, we require that you call and talk to one of our application specialists to make sure you get the proper solution to your unique application.


Hog Ring holes in the axle.


Threaded ends on the axle.


Drilled and tapped axle ends.


Multiple Grooves, custom groove locations.


Sprocket, custom sprocket locations.


Crowned rollers.And more!

Frequently Asked Questions About Chain Driven Rollers

What Is Chain-Driven Live Roller (CDLR)


CDLR is a roll-to-roll chain-driven live roller conveyor. CDLR is a low-cost, high-load capacity powered conveyor suitable for many conveying applications such as:

Pallet loads



Industrial Containers

The welded construction makes chain-driven roller conveyors durable enough to handle the harshest conditions.

GCS offers highly-durable CDLR rollers. Contact us with your specification requirements.

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Why Opt For Fixed Drive Chain Conveyor Rollers?

GCS has carved its niche in the marketplace as the prominent Fixed Drive Chain Conveyor Rollers manufacturer in China. We understand the global industry wise demands of transporting goods without any mismatch. Thus, we bring the convenient way of assembling and implementing conveyor rollers with chained mechanism for making operations better.

Whether you are looking for long life structure of these rollers or planning to invest on sure-shot functioning tool, GCS encompasses all the factors. Our professionals possess experience in managing and assembling the Fixed Drive Chain Conveyor Rollers on the behalf of organizations.

Hence, if you don’t have sufficient knowledge about the application and implementation of the material solutions, then, count on our experts!

Chain Driven Live Roller Common Sizes

GCS Chain Driven Live Roller (CDLR) Conveyors are designed to meet your specific application needs.

Common sizes include:

1.9” diameter x #16 gage rollers

2 1/2” diameter x #11 gage rollers

2 9/16” diameter x #7 gage rollers

3.5” diameter x .300 wall rollers

Custom diameters available

CDLR conveyors are positively driven live roller conveyors, typically configured in progressive roll-to-roll fashion using standard roller chain and sprockets. Common applications are heavier unit loads (pallets, drums, etc.) or whenever a positive drive is desired.

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Finding the perfect roller for your operation is crucial, and you want to do so with little disruption to your workflow. If you need a special-size roller for your conveyor system or have questions about the rollers’ differences, we can assist you. Our customer service team can help you get the right part for your existing conveyor system.

Whether installing a new system or needing a single replacement part, finding suitable rollers can improve your workflow and increase your system’s life. We will help you get the right part with fast communication and personalized care. To learn more about our rollers and custom solutions, contact us online to speak with a specialist or request a quote for your roller needs.

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Write your message here and send it to us