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Manpower Roller Conveyors Gravity conveyors are one of the simplest and most economical material handling systems. They work by allowing the product to roll along an upper surface.
GCSroller is the sole producer, from the design of the requirements to the control of the production until it reaches the customer.

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GCSroller has been a physical manufacturer and Exporter for many years, from designing the requirements to controlling the production until the product reaches the customer. We provide our partners with everything they need to help them develop their markets and achieve a win-win situation.
At GCS China, we understand the importance of efficient material handling in industrial environments. To meet this challenge, we have developed a conveying system that combines gravity roller technology with the benefits of mechanical precision bearings. This innovative solution offers a number of key benefits that increase productivity and simplify operations.

A fixed roller conveyor, also known as a linear roller conveyor line, is a conveyor system that utilizes a series of fixed rollers to move items or materials along a predetermined path. This type of conveyor is commonly used in assembly lines, packaging facilities, and material handling applications.

Roller Conveyor Line

Fixed Roller Conveyor Manpower Grive Roller Conveyor Line

Gravity Roller (Light Duty Roller) is widely used in all kinds of industry, like manufacturing line, assembly line, packaging line, conveyor machine and logistic strore.



Tube Diameter

D (mm)

Tube Thickness

T (mm)

Roller Length

RL (mm)

Shaft Diameter

d (mm)

Tube Material



φ 50



φ 12,15

Carbon Steel
Stainless Steel


Chrome plated


φ 57

T= 1.5,2.0


φ 12,15


φ 60

T= 1.5,2.0


φ 12,15


φ 76



φ 15,20


φ 89



φ 20

Note: Customisation is possible where forms are not available

Product Application

Fixed Roller Conveyor line
Straight roller conveyor 1

Here are some key features and considerations for stationary roller conveyors:
Roller Design: Fixed roller conveyors typically use cylindrical rollers that are fixed within the conveyor frame. Rollers can be made from a variety of materials, such as steel or plastic, depending on the application requirements.
Conveyor Frame: The conveyor frame provides structure and support to the rollers. It is typically made of steel or aluminum and can be customized to meet a facility's specific layout and space requirements.
Roller Spacing: The spacing between rollers can be customized based on the size and weight of the items being conveyed. Spacing should be optimized to ensure smooth movement and prevent product damage.
Drive System: Fixed roller conveyors can be powered or unpowered. In a powered system, a motor or drive mechanism is used to move the rollers, while in a non-powered system, the item is pushed manually along the rollers.


Manpower Conveyor Roller Tap GCS Manufacturer-01 (7)
Straight roller conveyor


Manpower Conveyor Roller Tap GCS Manufacturer-01 (8)
GCS roller conveyor

Roller Tube

Manpower Conveyor Roller Tap GCS Manufacturer-01 (9)
roller conveyor line1

Roller Conveyor

Packaging and transport

Heavy Duty Welded Rollers

Packaging and transport


For long-lasting performance, our conveyor systems utilize mechanical precision bearings. Known for their superior durability and load-carrying capacity, these bearings ensure that the rollers run smoothly and efficiently. In addition, our rollers are galvanized to add an extra layer of corrosion protection and extend their life. This ensures a reliable and low-maintenance solution for your material handling needs.

As a manufacturing facility, GCS China understands the importance of flexibility and customization. We offer a wide range of gravity rollers, allowing you to choose the most suitable option for your specific requirements. This customization extends to our conveyor systems, as we can configure them to meet your unique operational needs. Our team of experienced professionals is ready to help you find the perfect solution for your business.

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