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Non-Powered Series Rollers 1-0100 Roller

GCSROLLER Gravity Rollers without drive are commonly used in external drag conveyor applications where low damping and high smoothness are required.

Gravity roller conveyors facilitate the goods transfer process without the use of additional drive (motor and manpower). Gravity roller conveyors are commonly used in packaging lines or for transferring products already in cardboard packaging.

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adjustable feet22

The roller is of all-metal construction with semi-precision bearing assemblies embedded at both ends;
Roller mounting clearance is slightly larger than that of the precision bearing assembly roller;
Low running resistance, wide temperature range, no static electricity;
Slightly greater noise than precision bearing rollers.


General data
Maximum load 140kg
Maximum speed 0.6 m/s
Temperature range -20°C~80°C

Bearing housing carbon steel
Seal end caps Carbon steel
Balls carbon steel
Roller surface Steel/aluminium

Shaft Parameters

Shaft diameter(d) Female thread Flat falcon value (b) Flat falcon value (h1) Flat falcon value (h2)
d8 M5x10 / / /
d12 M8x15 10 10 10

Semi-precision bearing

Product Application

Spring loaded
Female Thread
Flat Milling
Spring loaded

Gravity roller(Non drive)0100-

Female Thread

Female Thread

Flat Milling

0100 Table Of Selection Parameters

Tube Dia Tube Thickness Shaft dia Maximum Load Bracket Width Positioning steps Shaft Length L Shaft Length L Material Selection examples
D t d BF E (Female thread) Spring pressure Steel galvanised Stainless steel Aluminum OD38mm Shaft Dia
AO B1 CO 12mm Roller Length 600mm
Φ20 t=1.0 Φ6/8 20KG W+12 W+10 W+12 W+32 Steel, zinc plated, spring pressed
Φ25 t=1.0 Φ6/8 20KG W+12 W+10 W+12 W+32 Roll face length 600mm steel plated
Φ38 t=1.0 1.2 1.5 Φ12 100KG W+9 W+7 W+9 W+29 Zinc, spring pressed into
Φ50 t=1.2   1.5 Φ8/12 120KG W+11 W+9 W+11 W+31 0100.38.12.600.A0.00
Φ60 t=  1.5  2.1 Φ12 140KG W+11 W+9 W+11 W+31

Product Application

Non-Powered Series Rollers 1-0100 Roller (3)
Non-Powered Series Rollers 1-0100 Roller (4)
Non-Powered Series Rollers 1-0100 Roller (5)
Non-Powered Series Rollers 1-0100 Roller (6)

Note: The above bearing curve is for a single static load on a single barrel of the series.

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