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Our industrial belt conveyors combine the possibility of heavy load capacity with the option of building on slopes. The slopeangle depends on the type of conveyor and belt used. The slopeangle will determine the conveyor length and height of the conveyor legs.Slope Belt Conveyor Professional manufacturer,supplier and factory from China. Provide Competitive Price and Good service to you.

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Belt Conveyor Parameters
Belt width  Model E skirt conveyor with
500 platform length (mm)
(side beams)
Legs Motor (W)  type of belt
or customized
H750/L1000 Stainless steel
carbon steel
aluminium alloy
Stainless steel
carbon steel
aluminium alloy
120 PVC PU Wear-resistant
H1000/1000 200
H1000/1500 120
H1000/1500 200
H1000/1500 400
H1500/2000 120
H1500/2000 200
H1500/2000 400
H1800/2500 120
H1800/2500 200
H1800/2500 400
H2200/3000 120
H2200/3000 200
H2200/3000 400

Product Application

Highly applicable and widely used

Electronic factory | Auto parts | Daily use goods

Pharmaceutical industry | Food industry

Mechanical Workshop | Production equipment

Fruit industry | Logistics Sorting

Beverage industry

belt conveyor GCS

Belt Conveyor - Type B/C (Slope)

Inclination conveyor

Inclination conveyor, also known as climbing conveyor, is more widely used, The general processing plant will have demand, simple structure, and convenient loading and unloading, but the probability of poor workmanship conveyor deviation is greater, deviation light may cause scattering, machine wear, which will not only affect the production efficiency of the buyer's factory.

Schematic structure of conveyor

Slope conveyor

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