Nylon shell bearing kit for gravity roller

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Nylon shell bearing kit for gravity rollers

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Gravity Roller Bearing Kits-D25
Gravity Roller Bearing Kits-D38
Bearing parameter
tube(mm) Bearing number
PH-D25 608/619
PH-D38 6001
PH-D42 6901
PH-D45 6001
PH-D48 6001
PH-D50 6001/6902
PH-D57 6001/6902
PH-D60 6201/6002
D63 6201/6002
D63.5 6201/6202/6204
D76 6204
D89 6204

Product Application

Highly applicable and widely used

Electronic factory | Auto parts | Daily use goods

Pharmaceutical industry | Food industry

Mechanical Workshop | Production equipment

Fruit industry | Logistics Sorting

Beverage industry

Gravity Roller Bearing Kits-D38

Conveyor Accessory -steel shell bearing kit

Conveyor Accessory

Application roller tube diameter

(mm) PP25/38/50/57/60/

(mm) PH25/38/42/50/57/60/63.5/76/89

Schematic structure of conveyor

Nylon shell bearing kit

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