What is Skate Wheel Conveyor?

Conveyor skate wheels or conveyor skates are used to create simple gravity flow systems. They can be used to support loads or as side guides to keep products aligned.

Skate wheel rollers are a fast, simple, and affordable way to get products moving. These skatewheel rollers are designed for one million revolutions at full load. Bearings have labyrinth shields, which prevent dust and foreign particles from getting into the rolling elements. They are “lubricated for life” and don’t require any additional lubrication before use. These conveyor parts are also sometimes known as small conveyor rollers or small-diameter conveyor rollers. When they are assembled onto a rail system, the assembly is known as skate wheel conveyor rails, gravity flow racks, or skate wheel flow rails.


Skatewheel conveyors will convey lightweight loads that have firm flat bottoms such as cartons, totes, and cases. They consist of small skate wheels mounted on a series of axles attached to rigid or flexible frames. Skatewheel conveyors “roll” more easily than roller conveyors allowing for lighter packages and less slope. The individual wheels in the curve sections allow packages to track more so than roller conveyors. Hook & rod couplers along with tripod supports make skatewheel conveyors ideal for temporary set-ups.


Skate wheel conveyor bearing series products is small in size and light in weight, suitable for conveying items with a flat bottom surface. It is mostly used in the curved part of the diverging or merging part of the conveying system. It can also be used as a barrier or guide on both sides of the conveyor.

Skate wheel conveyor bearings are also used for casters, and can also play an auxiliary role in many conveyors, such as the ascending section of the climbing belt conveyor to press the belt and so on. Skate wheel conveyor bearing has been widely used in the assembly line.
The conveyor made by Skate wheel conveyor bearing can be called Skate wheel conveyor bearing conveyor, which is a kind of conveyor that uses rollers for transportation. It has the characteristics of a light structure and is widely used in occasions that need to be moved frequently and require lightweight conveyors, such as logistics equipment, telescopic machines, and equipment that is often temporarily transported in the field. It has the characteristics of low cost, durable, not easy to damage, and beautiful appearance.
The conveyor requires a flat bottom surface for the conveyed items, such as pallets. It is not suitable for conveying uneven bottom surfaces (such as ordinary turnover boxes) and soft bottoms (such as cloth parcels).
Skate wheel conveyor bearing, also known as roller bearing, is mainly used for roller conveyors, trolleys, casters, etc.
The application of Skate wheel conveyor bearings is quite extensive. Various manufacturers can use Skate wheel conveyor bearing for warehousing and logistics, and the telescopic conveyor made by Skate wheel conveyor bearing has been widely used in the field of logistics.


GCS Skate wheel conveyor bearing materials are:
1. Galvanized steel surface
2.608ZZ bearing + POM or ABS material shell
3.608ZZ bearing + POM or ABS material shell
4. Reinforced nylon, nylon, POM+nylon

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